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Perth’s Leading High-Rise Window Cleaning Company.

The story behind the windows.

Glass windows are understood to have been first manufactured commercially in Britain as early as the 17th century. Since then, people have sought to keep their windows clean, with methods in the early days usually involving a bucket of water and a cloth. Thankfully, in 1936 the Ettore squeegee was invented, which transformed window cleaning and is still used across the world today by professional window cleaners and amateurs alike.

At Active Window Cleaning, we take our tradition very seriously. Our founder cleaned his very first window at the age of 16 and has built Active Window Cleaning to become the leading window cleaning company in Perth.
With a passion for improving your outlook, we strive to keep windows across Western Australia clean and sparkling.

We believe in nurturing strong, trusted relationships with our clients, from building managers to homeowners. Based on our team’s excellent work, we have developed a reputation for exceptional service and reliability as transparent as the clean windows we leave behind. Every client who comes to Active Window Cleaning stays with us!

Why choose Active Window Cleaning?

Your windows aren’t going to clean themselves! Besides, wouldn’t you want to choose Perth’s leading high-rise window cleaning company? With a comprehensive Safety Management Plan backed by a 100% safety record, you can rest assured your windows are safe in our hands.

We are open 24 hours, 7 days a week, working across the Perth CBD and greater metropolitan area. Our team of 20 plus employees work directly with you as a property manager or building owner to customise a cleaning plan to your specific requirements.
With WorkSafe certification for working at heights, there’s simply no window we cannot clean. While we’re there, we can also check and let you know if we find any damage to your building – after all, your building manager can’t see 20-storeys up!

Want your windows even more sparkling? Active Window Cleaning offers a complete window cleaning service– both outside and inside. Get in touch with us today to improve your view.

100% Safety Record

At Active Window Cleaning, we are proud of our impeccable safety record. Our comprehensive safety induction process and Safety Management Plan ensures our work is consistent and your windows are safe. Every time.

Our Safety Management Plan involves a collaborative approach between our team, your building owners and building property management. Our team operates on a strict scheduling and rotation system with down-to-the-minute time management and real-time communication with our head office.
If a rare mistake were to occur, our system ensures any issues can be dealt with quickly and efficiently. We have comprehensive liability insurance and a spotless safety record. The safety of our team, your building and your occupants are of the utmost importance!

For your added peace of mind, Active Window Cleaning uses the Rapid Global system so we can get to work quickly and safely, avoiding risks to you, your property and your staff/tenants.

What sort of companies do we clean windows for?

We don’t discriminate against windows – every window matters and every window deserves to be sparkling clean. That said, we specialise in high-rise and commercial/industrial work, with clients including corporate building managers, cleaning companies, construction companies and more.

We don’t just do large buildings and office blocks, though; if you’re the owner of a large home, please get in touch with us for a custom consultation. Don’t forget, Active Window Cleaning offers a complete window cleaning service– both outside and inside.

What cleaning services do we offer?

Commercial & industrial
High Rise Window Cleaning
Glass Balustrade Cleaning
Exterior Cladding Window Cleaning

Our squeaky-clean windows speak for themselves.
But here are just a few of our clients' testimonials too!

If you need a window cleaned, then contact us!

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