No risk. No high access equipment.
All cost savings passed on to you.

What is Pure Water Technology?

Active Window Cleaners offers the latest technology in window cleaning. Used by the leading commercial window cleaning companies in the UK, but a first for WA, this marketplace tried and tested technology offers an innovative solution to commercial window cleaning. Our Pure Water Technology System delivers 100% pure grade water for high quality window and façade surface cleaning.

The pole is made up of long, high quality carbon fibre topped with a nylon brush head. This head contains a small channel that jets out a constant supply of 100% pure water. The extremely strong yet light material of the pole makes it strong and durable as well as versatile. The poles are easy to control without too much bend or friction ensuring accurate and thorough cleaning of both window frames and the glass itself. Once cleaned, the windows are rinsed and left to dry without spots or streaks.

The system enables our cleaners to reach windows up to six-storeys high from the safety of the ground. This allows us to minimise risk without compromising service quality. Additionally, while many window cleaning companies inflate their prices due to the associated risk, we’re able to minimise the risk and pass on the cost savings to you. Whenever we work on windows in excess of 40-feet off the ground, our cleaners work in pairs allowing one person to check the terrain and maintain safety. There’s often no need for expensive cherry pickers or abseiling equipment, when we can employ no-risk cleaning equipment.

If you’re interested in receiving a free, no obligation quotation and cleaning demonstration by our normal team members (not sales reps), please get in touch with us today!
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How does the Pure Water System work?

Our Pure Water Technology System ensures that the water we use to clean your windows is treated on our premises using a 12-hour, five-stage filtration process. After the completion of this process the water is transferred into specially adapted vans with 650-litre holding tanks.

These tanks transport the water to our cleaning site where it is pumped into the carbon fibre poles and onto the brush heads for use. Our filters are all environmentally safe and friendly and contain natural elements such as salt, resin beads and carbon sediment. Our pure water technology ensures that every drop of water we spray on your property is uncontaminated and unstained.

The 5-Step Reach and Wash Process

Step 1:
Application of a commercial water softener to remove the calcium while protecting RO membrane.
Step 2:
Usage of a carbon filter to remove harmful chlorine and protect the RO membrane.
Step 3:
We remove the larger water-born partials with a micron sediment filter, all the while protecting the RO membrane.
Step 4:

Our reverse osmosis units filter up to 1500 gallons of water per day from our holding tanks.

Step 5:
The mixed bed resin deionisation tank polishes water from our holding tank at the point of use to ensure 100% pure water.
Residential Window Cleaning
Building Window Cleaning Properties

What are the benefits of Pure Water Technology?

Our Pure Water Technology System allows us to substantially reduce risk and therefore the costs of cleaning high and hard to reach windows. By passing on these cost savings to you we often save our clients around 35-40% of their total window cleaning costs with conventional methods.

No high access equipment needed.
No damage to buildings, gardens or landscaping.
No adverse effects from impure water.
No compromise on the quality of your window, frame and glass cleans.
No dry streaks or spots once we’re done.

Our clients sing praises for our cleaning services, so we don’t have to boast ourselves!

To find out more about our Pure Water Technology System and receive a quote, contact us today.

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