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Active Window Cleaning is Perth’s go-to company for professional window cleaning. After almost two decades of servicing companies across Perth, we’ve developed a reputation for trustworthy, dependable, affordable and personal service. We don’t compromise on quality or safety when it comes to cleaning windows, and neither should you.

Whether you need a professional solution for your suburban home or for the top floors of a skyscraper in the Perth CBD, make sure you remember just one name: Active Window Cleaning! From our safety record to our efficient cleaning services, and from our highly trained team to our economical pricing model, we’re proud of our team’s ability to put the win in windows!

Active Window Cleaners

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We know what matters to you, because it matters to us too. That’s why we offer regular clients a 10% discount on cleaning services.

Our clients’ convenience is of the utmost importance to us. We’ll contact you ahead of time to schedule a convenient appointment time that suits your schedule. We won’t rock up unannounced or late and will always confirm appointments with a text message or email.

Our Pure Water Technology is the first of its kind in the Western Australian cleaning market. Not only is it effective in environmental conservation, but it’s also 100% free of damaging detergents and staining minerals. Our investment in this technology has allowed us to pass on our long-term cost savings to you.

Without the need to employ ladders, rope or abseils, the Pure Water Technology allows us to clean windows up to six storeys high in a safe, green-friendly and affordable way. In instances where we do need to use rope access or abseil window cleaning, we make sure to do so with complete health and safety requirements compliance. Our pre-start safety checks on all equipment and toolbox meetings have contributed to our proud rate of zero incidences.

Our comprehensive insurance policies reflect the seriousness with which we take our obligations. We conduct audits of our workplace activities and regularly liaise with our insurer to make sure we’re always covered completely for any eventuality. 33% of companies are inadequately insured, so make sure you choose a cleaning company that shares your interest and priorities.
If you’d like to review our insurance policies or need high rise window cleaning services, please contact the Active Window Cleaning team today.

Commercial Pure Water Technology

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