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Active Window Cleaners’ building window cleaning services are second to none. Whether your multi-storey building is used for commercial or industrial purposes, maintaining a clean and impressive visage is super important.

Not only will our regular window cleaning services ensure sparkling clean windows, they’ll also increase natural light inside the building allowing for power savings, increased curbside appeal, creation of a higher profile beside less-impressive nearby competition, and increased staff satisfaction, productivity and wellbeing. We’re the experts when it comes to window cleaners whether they’re on the ground level or multiple floors in the air.
Our variety of industry-best practices have ensured our reputation for top window cleaning services in Perth remains uncontested. We go above and beyond to work around your training hours and disturb your operations as little as possible. Our work is efficient and our team highly considerate, so the only way you’ll know we’ve been to your building is by the amazingly clean windows we leave behind!

There’s no building window we can’t reach thanks to our rope access, elevated work platform and Pure Water Technology. Experience the difference professionally cleaned windows can make for your business by getting in touch with the Active Window Cleaning team today.
Building Window Cleaning Properties

What kind of properties do we service?

If your property differs from the ones listed, have a chat with us and we’ll work on a custom cleaning solution for you.

We know what’s important to our clients. That’s why we invested in our Western Australian-first Pure Water Technology. Not only does this tech allow us to reduce and remove a number of detergents from our cleaning process, helping the environment in the process, but it also allows us to pass on savings on window cleaning services of up to 25% for your building.

The Pure Water Technology uses de-mineralised water to clean building windows up to six storeys high without the need to use ladders, rope access or abseiling. It’s the safer, greener, and more affordable building window cleaning solution.

Our new, innovative technology offers:

This is what our clients had to say about our building window cleaning services.

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