High Rise Window Cleaning

We’re Taking Window Cleaning Services to New Heights!

How’s the outlook from your high rise building? If your view is cloudy on a clear day, it’s time to contact Active Window Cleaning. We offer a range of high rise window cleaning services to clean both outside and inside windows for your building. We will help restore your view.

We also offer a regular cleaning service to keep your windows looking its best. Regular cleaning of your windows will improve the appearance of your high rise and allow more natural light and warmth in, which can contribute to savings through reduced power use. It can also increase satisfaction, productivity and wellbeing for your building’s occupants.

Active Window Cleaning are the high rise window cleaning experts in Perth. No matter the height of your building, there isn’t a window we can’t reach. With our state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, highly trained, experienced team, and strict safety compliance, we will keep your high-rise windows crystal clear. Get in touch with Active Window Cleaning today for high rise window cleaning.

Building Maintenance Unit (BMU)

Have you ever wondered how we are able to clean windows on a building as tall as a high rise? We use a machine called a Building Maintenance Unit (BMU), which is an automated platform suspended from the roof of a building. As the BMU is lowered over the side of your building, it enables our team to clean areas that would otherwise be impossible to reach.

A BMU is the ideal solution for cleaning and/or maintenance of your building’s exterior. With our BMU, the Active Window Cleaning team can professionally and safely clean almost any surface on your building, whether it be a glass facade, concrete, or plaster cladding. While we’re there, we can also check and let you know if we find any damage to your building – after all, your building manager can’t see 20-storeys up!

Our BMUs are fully inspected and qualified to ensure our operators and cleaners work safely at all times. We also have comprehensive liability insurance and a spotless safety record. The welfare of our team, your building and your occupants are of the utmost importance to us.

Building Maintenance Units
Building Window Cleaning

High Rise Window Cleaning

When we say there’s no window we can’t clean, we mean it! Whether you need your Perth CBD building gleaming top to bottom, or your residential apartment block cleaned, the experts at Active Window Cleaning are the number one choice among high rise window cleaning companies.

With our quality work and strong emphasis on safety, we are the industry’s preferred supplier of high rise window cleaning services in Perth. We specialise in window cleaning services for buildings of all shapes and sizes, including:

We are open 24 hours, 7 days a week, working across the Perth CBD, wider city, and greater metropolitan area. Our team of 20 plus employees work directly with you as a property manager or building owner to customise a cleaning plan to your specific requirements. You will not be disappointed with our quality work and professional, courteous team. Get in touch with us today!

The Importance of Safety

Safety first. Highly trained team. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Safety In Cleaning

Active Window Cleaning is proud of our impeccable safety record and go to great lengths to maintain the safety of our team, your building and your occupants. Whether it be rope access (abseiling) or a BMU, all our work is undertaken in accordance with the strictest industry standards, with a strong focus on safety at all times.

Our rope access technicians are comprehensively trained in Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) standards. We also have WorkSafe certification for working at heights, so there’s simply no window on your building we cannot reach.

For your added peace of mind, we use the Rapid Global system so our team can get to work quickly, securely and without risk to you or your property. We also have comprehensive liability insurance and a spotless safety record.

With our impeccable safety record, affordable costs and reputation for premium cleaning services, you can rely on Active Window Cleaning. Our expert team is thoroughly trained, highly skilled and ready to don their harnesses and tools to scale safely down your building today.

Insurance Coverage

Active Window Cleaning understands the importance of the safety of our team, your building and your occupants. We believe our insurance obligations to be one of the most important aspects of our business. Audits and regular liaison with our insurance provider ensure we are completely covered for any possible outcome.

Every member of our team is comprehensively insured and required to undergo regular safety training. We also conduct pre-start safety checks and toolbox meetings every day to ensure 100% compliance with all safety and insurance requirements. You can be assured every cleaning job is meticulously planned before commencement to ensure a completely safe and incident-free service to you.

Don’t find yourself working with an under-insured window cleaning partner. If you are considering rope access and abseil window cleaning services, get in touch with us today to review our insurance policies. We look forward to hearing from you.

Insurance Coverage
eye bolt testing and installation

Eye Bolt/Anchor Bolt Testing & Installation

Our in-house high rise window cleaning technicians are industry experts and qualified in the examination and installation of eye bolts/anchor bolts and rooftop fall protection systems. Our rigorous testing and installation processes ensure our team and your building are safe and secure at all times.

Before we commence any job, our team checks to ensure your restraint, rope access, work positioning and fall arrest systems are in 100% working order. We can also undertake regular annual inspections for you in accordance with Australian Standards.

When you choose Active Window Cleaning, you can rest assured your building is in safe hands. From pre-work checks, to annual inspections, we never take our eyes off what’s important. Get in touch with our team today for your Eye Bolt/Anchor Bolt Testing and/or Installation.

Exterior Cladding Cleaning

Your property’s exterior is about more than just windows. Have you ever thought about your cladding? Cladding is the external layer of your building, which acts to protect it against the elements and provide aesthetic appeal. Dirty cladding can be unsightly, unhealthy and damaging to your building’s longevity and value.

At Active Window Cleaning, we don’t just clean windows! Our team is highly skilled in cleaning just about any surface, including your building’s exterior cladding. Our cladding services include cleaning of:

Cleaning your external cladding can be both difficult and dangerous. Active Window Cleaning has extensive experience using perfected techniques and specialist cleaning tools. Our team can reach anywhere on your building to leave your cladding looking like new.

We have transformed buildings across Perth and we’d love to provide the same service to you. Get in touch with our expert team today for your building’s exterior cladding clean.

External Cladding

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