Glass Balustrade Cleaning

Do you have a glass balustrade
that needs cleaning maintenance?

Take pride in your home by keeping your glass balustrades perfect and clean.

General wear and tear can degrade the presentation of your home. And we know you don’t have the time or energy to clean your balustrades. Sit back, relax and enjoy our expert cleaning services. We’ll ensure a clean and neat presentation that will leave you and your guests impressed.

Forget the days of unsightly droplets or streaks on your glass. Without the use of chlorine or sprinkler water marks, we’ll help improve the look and feel of your home.

Glass Balustrade Cleaning

Our specialised cleaning techniques will keep your glass cleaner for longer

Our reach and wash system—using a Water Fed Pole—delivers 100% pure grade water for high quality window and façade surface cleaning.

Our customised Water Fed Poles enable us to mobilise our water treatment system for use anywhere for any job. Our Pure Water Technology ensures that every drop of water we spray on your property is uncontaminated and unstained.

The 5-Step Reach and Wash Process

Step 1: Application of a commercial water softener to remove the calcium while protecting RO membrane.

Step 2: Usage of a carbon filter to remove harmful chlorine and protect the RO membrane.

Step 3: We remove the larger water-born partials with a micron sediment filter, all the while protecting the RO membrane.

Step 4: Our reverse osmosis units filter up to 1500 gallons of water per day from our holding tanks.

Step 5: The mixed bed resin de-ionisation tank polishes water from our holding tank at the point of use to ensure 100% pure water.

Commercial Glass Balustrade Window Cleaning

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